New No Mans Sky Demo

No mans Sky The massive open world exploration game that will take close to five billion years to full explore. The new demo is from a break down of some on the in game feature that exist a part from the exploration point the developers have been building on. One of the features shown for the first time in this demo was the resource collection as well as an up close look at the living creates that exist in the environment. The developer from Hello games gives a few more feature not before discussed but also shown off for the first time now in today newly released demo.

The demo kicks off on a never before seen Ice planet. The Planet is un named that job falling to the imagination of the players who find the planet first or the player who spawns on there privet planet for the first time. All life on the planets are also not given names. The planets have new intelligent life as well further increasing the idea that some life will be in game and will make or break alliances. The life will also have players exploring there creative sides to a whole new level and seeing creature that exist outside of most imaginations.

Next is the players avatar. The in game controllable avatar is almost too realistic for the game. The demo shows this when early on the demo we can see the players health begin to deplete the longer they stayed in the cold. The player can create new weapons and upgrades. The player even has the ability to sift landscapes and create whatever shelter you need. Also the game will give players a jet pack because walking is for the weak and those who do not know any better. The player can learn new information like languages to better communicate with the various alien creatures that exist in the worlds as well as throughout the universe as a whole. The creatures are intelligent enough to build relations so learning is highly recommended.

The next important part is the environment. Thanks to the demo we have a better understanding the dangers that exist in game. The environment shown gives the player more damage the longer they are in the cold like in the real world. We believe that this is the same for hotter environments or water environments. Also something not really talk about was how dangerous the animals that live on these world can be.

As of this moment No Mans Sky seems to be on scheduled to release on time. No Mans Sky will defiantly provide a challenge unheard of in video game partly thanks to its sheer scale, promises of adventure, and all the thing that can kill you if given the chance. No Mans Sky will test players on every single level and especially their individual ability to adapt to the environment.

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