New Map Armored Warfare

Well since using modern tanks fighting with the most modern weapons and technology was not enough the developers have decide to the game more realistic by introducing more modern reasons nations go to war. That reason is for naturally existing resources such as Gold, Uranium and a few other things. The trailer even opens up with this statement calling the new map a battle ground for countries, rebels, terrorists, and mercenaries so expect a lot of action from this point on especially since the map is so big.

Lets kick thing off with a brief explanation of the new Map. The new map is called “HighWall” and is set at the bottom of a resource mining dig site. Highwalls back story is that for years all kinds of people and countries have fought over the land due to its high amount of Natural resources, everything from gold to add to a nations wealth to uranium to build the most powerful weapon on earth a nuclear weapon is up for grabs here. The map is an even mix of high points and low points with a area were main battle tanks can slug it out in a semi way not to hinder there abilities. while the second half of the map is a close quarter combat environment where the main battle tanks will be at a huge disadvantage. There are a lot off good cover positions and flanking positions that can be accessible via the mine caves to also provide good shelter from artillery attacks or serve as ambush points over the course of a match.

So for a little bit of strategy. This map is hands down one of the most complicated due to its size and and unpredictability of were and when attacks will come from. If your play style is anything other than main battle tank, artillery or tank destroyer stay away from the open area there is little to no real cover and the same for the same three that find themselves in the more closed in area because you will be out flanked. The more closed in area is better for lighter fighting vehicles because of the cover the area gives as well as the natural maneuverability of the vehicles and there speed advantage for getting in and out of a fight fast. Light tank work well because they have good fire power in small fast vehicles. Artillery unless protected and in decent cover will not survive, however when combined with the heights and cover can dominate the battlefield. Tank destroyers will have a great time sniping with the heights over looking the larger part of the map designed for the larger more powerful main battle tanks..

The new map highwall is a great new addition part of the 0.14 update. The trailer shows all the vehicles playable including the Chinese tanks as well as the light tank and armored vehicles taking full advantage of their abilities in the map.

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