New Halo Update

343 studio has announced early last week that it would be releasing a new Content that will bring more weapons skins, maps, more maps that ca be used on forge, as well as a few new game modes one new picture shows what appears to be a bomb or ball for some kind of new game mode to be revealed at a later time. The details about the Halo update are still being kept under lock and key to give players a chance to absorb the full content that will be coming later this month to all Xbox Halo Guardian owners.

What we do know So far is that the name of this Update is called the “Infinity Armory”. The reason behind naming the new update Infinity Armory is because the ship UNSC Infinity is the Headquarter ship for all UNSC Spartan operation that both the Master Chief and Spartan Locke happen to belong too from the story mode. The Update new weapon skins are still mostly secret however as a teaser released by 343 shows the Carbine and the UNSC assault rifle each will have new skin variants. One new skin for the Assault rifle seems to be an american style theme that features the American bald Eagle painted on the side of the barrel with an open mouth ready to Attack. The second is an “A” rapped in a red back ground like something out of the Marvel Avengers cinematic universe but it does not stop there the new Carbine also shoot needler type ammo, however we do not believe that walking over a needler in a match will give you more ammo in a match. The magnum pistol is also getting a new paint job with a wolf on it but any improvement to the weapon was not released.

Beside the weapons we are also getting some new Armor, the trailer shows an older version of the Spartan Armor helmet with what appears to be some sort of new lower body and torso armor. The new Armor will also be fully unlock able via the REQ pack system and after promotions.

As for the what else may be coming to the Infinity Update has yet to be announced but the team working at 343 said that it will be releasing more information in the coming days and weeks till the its release at the end of the month. So more skins, new weapons with modifications will also be coming to this update, new armor as well. Also while not directly mentioned the in the trailer or what has been released already expect that new Assassinations will be coming as well to the Infinity Update.

The last thing about the new Update is the mystery map that shows a type of controlled eco tormentor of sort with a small bridge connecting two structures in game. As of right now there is only speculation as to if the map is brand new or a remix of a other already in game map.

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