New Halo Memories of Reach

The newest update for Halo 5 Memories of Reach will release later this month. Halo Memories of Reach content update is full of new content including some Armor sets of the Spartans from Halo Reach. The will add a new version of the popular infection mode will also be a huge part of the game future until later content updates. Including some new skins that are heavily influenced by the Spartan history that the Planet reach has since it was there that the original Spartan programs began as well as the jumping point that catapulted players in to the first Halo game after the Pillar Of Autumn Slip space jump that took it to the first Halo installation.

The first thing you’ll see on the chart released for memories of reach is a huge ONI symbol the place were something else is supposed to be. The ONI symbol covering the card could mean that the developers maybe planning to bring back a Halo reach vehicle most likely the Falcon VTOL or maybe the Hornet.

The second thing you’ll notice is the collections of Skins that will also release for the Memories of Reach. The first set that spans most models on UNSC weapons. The first set called the Azure Dream set is a blue white and green design. The second set is called the Blue Team and just like it’s name its is in honor of the Spartan 2 team that master chief fought with for most of his life. The Second Spartan themed skin set is the Noble Spartan team skin. Third is the ODST themed set. Next is the Spartan team Osiris team color scheme and symbol. As well as Spirit of Fire colors and symbol. The last two are Sharks Tooth and also a skin only called UNSC. Both names are self explanatory.

As for weapons releasing there are two we can assume. The game will feature possible the machine gun carried by Spartan-052 Jorge as well as the Halo 2 Brute Guard Plasma Rifle.

Also there will be a few new armor sets. We assume that the armor sets will only include the other members of noble team excluding noble six and Carter. The Only armor set released was the armor worn by Emily during the story of Halo Reach. The Armors official title is called “Wrath”. The other Armor sets will likely include the other members of noble team like Kate and Jun.

A lot of what was is coming are more visor colors as well as some more tags. As for the maps like always warzon and areana will be getting new maps. Both maps will also feature some sort of mode that allows them to be played with the new infected mode. After Memories of reach releases later on we will be more than half way though the remaining content update until the big update that will see the full release of a new mode. The last update will feature more of firefight mode.

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