New Details Halo 5 Infinity Armor

Today we have some great news for all the Halo fanboys who having been waiting for new content. The official trailer for infinity armory content update has been released and it has a ton of new gear like new Armor, a few new Assassinations, new weapon skins, and one returning classic from the past will be making there way its way to the chaos of Halo 5 multiplayer, and more. So the update will feature tons and tons of updates with all the content coming by the end of the month.

The new things coming from the Update in terms of weapons, skins, and armor are as follow nine skins / three are new, ten new armor skins. The Armor will consist of a new version of the Mark five armor from the original halo the new armor is Mark Five Alpha so basically it will be like the name says the prototype version of the Halo Mark Five. A second unique piece of armor coming is called Achilles Armor. The armor is shaped like ancient Greek armor and is befitting for it to be made in to Spartan armor to show the relationship between the First Greek Spartans to the Spartans of halo. The update will feature a few armor pieces that have the same name but will feature several variations one example are the types of minor variations are the Atlas and the Infiltrator. The Atlas comes in three different types Basic Atlas, Atlas vigilant, and Atlas Unbound, each one only has small variations in colors which is really the only differences. The second is called Infiltrator that will come in two variants The Saboteur and another version that maybe the basic or some other unannounced version yet. The weapon skins are called prestige for all UNSC weapons, the American Eagle version called officially “Old Abe”. The three new weapons are two new versions of the Carbine rifle one shoots needler ammunition the other has not be released officially yet. The third new weapon will be the old Halo 2 battle rifle back from history and it will look and act like the original version from Halo 2.

Next we have the new stances, Assassinations, and background plates for gamer tags. The Assassinations are a total number of two new Ultra rare options. One is called “Stop Stabbing yourself” which like the name says will have one spartan stabbing the other with his own knife in the chest. The other new Assassination is called “Windup” the animation for wind up is to fast to really tell what happened and how it works but it is fast and brutal way to kill and enemy Spartan. The two new stances for posing are called Patrol and the center mass. Center mass is a pistol shooting stance that aims for a person mid section. While patrol is just a walking stance. The tags are new good looking addition with twelve new tags and one new color visor.

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