New Arma 3 and Armored Warfare content

We have good news and we have bad news today. The good news is two of the Developers of Armored Warfare and Arma 3 are getting ready to release new content. The Arma 3 developers have created a fire arm mod that will add a series of new guns. The Armored Warfare developers have officially released the entire tier ten tank and armored vehicle trailer available with the next content update, update 0.15. But there is also some bad news. The bad news however while the add on of new guns is good the fact that it is still not an update or even a hint of Arma Apex update.

Lets start with Armored Warfare. A few weeks ago we talked about the update trailer for 0.15. However this new trailer is fulled with what we really want and that is the tanks. Now the tanks are all next generation and or final updated and upgraded tanks. The only real tank that is both new and the closes to active service and full production and export is the Russian T-14 Armata. The rest of the Tanks ares NATO in designed, and each will likely be the last of its tank class like the Abrams and the Leopard. The new vehicles are hands down more powerful when compared to everything them may come across in game. The tier tens tank are overall hundreds of times more powerful than everything else already in game. However the power and specs of each tier ten are similar to each other. In theory the most powerful tanks are still the American Abrams and German Leopard because both countries pride them armored forces on a dominate.

Next we bring you the Arma mod. Arma developers at Bohemia have released their first ever studio made mod. The mods title is the “ADR-97 Weapon Pack”. The ADR is a sub machine gun with a rifle caliber punch. The ADR comes in two main varients one with a long barrel, the second has a short barrel. As you already know the ADR is based on the real life FN national P90 compact assault weapon. The ADR features many similarities with the real world version like its rate of fire. Also the weapon has the same magazine configuration as the real P90. The ADR two configurations are simple long barrel and short. The long barrel configuration allows for added stand off range between an enemy and yourself. Short barrel is for the closer in fights that accompany room clearing and faster dismounts of vehicles.

The way to access the Arma official mod just search it and added the normal way. There are no tricks or other means. The developers end the message on an encouraging note telling all the developers in steam to keep on making mods for Arma and more content like Apex is on the way.

Both Arma and Armored Warfare developers are making there respective titles and brand stronger. To experience the best possible expirnce with your PC with the best upgrades without breaking the bank checkoutAmazon.