New 60 Second charger Xbox One

Earlier this week IGN made a surprise announcement about a new charger under development. This charger is the product of Performance Designed Products and shown off in public at the CES 2016 convention. For those who maybe wondering what this gaming accessory is doing at the a consumers electronic show well because it is part of the small 3rd party gaming companies that usually show up to these events to give the world a small look at what is in store for the rest of the year and what is releasing before the years E3.

Anyway on the pros and cons of this new “miracle” charger that promises to charge a controllers battery in sixty seconds.

First the pros. This new charger major promises is you will be back in on and playing in one minute of charging time. The Charger base is small and really looks nice if you are a gamer that is also into having an elegant looking gaming center.

Now the cons. The first major con about about this charging station is also one of its major pros and that is the charging speed. Now why is the speed at which it charges a controller bad you maybe wondering ?, easy in the sixty seconds that you are sitting their waiting for the batteries to refill you can get up and get a fresh set of double A’s and be back quicker in game. Another con is while we currently due not know the exact price of this new charger we can tell you that it will be easier to invest in a Charge and Play kit, yes a lot of people don’t like the weak and flimsy wires but in the long run it is better than this. One more con is that the battery in the kit will hold a charge for around eleven to twelve hours, this is a down side because even though people do not play that long it will mean that charging will have to be more often, and other third party charging sets hold more that a max of twelve hours allowing for more play time. This new charger has a massive “T” shaped base that connects to the charger, while information on this huge bulges has not been released it may cause problems due to its size and will make it difficult to play with if that has to be connected. And finally the battery its self lets be honest batteries should charge faster than a few hour but sixty seconds seems to be pushing and it wont be unbelievable when people complain that the charger stopped working due to battery issues.

While this charger makes a lot of promises it also has more than its fair share of flaws. But the future of gaming is very unpredictable and we here at gaming cop will release a full review as well as full analysis on how the battery holds up to is one minute full charge promises.

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