Memories of Reach Infection

The other day 343 was visited by GameInformer to give the gaming magazine an inside look at the upcoming mode for Memories of reach content update. The break down of the infection gameplay is made by one of the senior developers for Multiplayer design. Here in this exclusive interview and break down we learn more about how the new infection mode is similar to the original version but better than before. The infection mode will also allow for full customization, for the Halo community to imagine create develop and play with their own rules.

First thing we have to talk about with this is that Infection Mode will be part of the content update releasing later this month called “Memories of Reach”. The infection mode is a remake of the original mode introduced in the original Halo series reintroduced with Halo reach after Halo 3 ODST. Memories of Reach Infection mode will be of a much faster pace thanks to the regular spartan ability available to both Zombie and Human Players.

The way the game mode will work differently now than before is the Zombies are completely different. Unlike in the older version of Infection mode the zombies have the speed like but are also able to go invisible. However the infected have a tell to where a Zombie Spartan maybe hiding in plan site will have an outline and an almost invisible green streak behind them when they are moving.

The option to make a unique game of infection have also gotten much needed improvements than before. The first major improvements now players can keep there own armor colors instead of before with the infected color being just a green. Now however The players who are infected will retain some of the original colors with darker or lighter shades of green. The same is for the “Human” players will not be trying to kill each other if they choose to have the game mode to set up like that. The players will also be allowed to have full access to all built in default spartan abilities. Regard less of side Zombie or Human all Spartans in game have the base skills zombies on the other hand will only have increased running speed from the base version. Human Spartans will also get more points the longer they stay alive.

The infection mode customization options will work in away similar to forge. Infection mode will allow players to pick and choose limits. Limits like time, score, number of rounds, and re-spawn. All things like that allow players to pick and choose if the game will be a three way struggle with two human teams fighting each other and Zombies. The Zombies can also be given a set number of re-spawns same like the normal human players.

The new Infection mode will be the biggest part of memories of reach on a scale similar to the highly anticipated armor sets of all the Spartan members of Nobel team as well as the other content add on coming with the free updates.

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