Memories of Reach Finally Out

Yesterday the lead developers over at 343 made a new live stream showing off all things that have to do with Memories of Reach. Today is the official day to pick up the content update and REQ’s that release with the updates. 343 has fully gone back to the original Halo Reach to make everything as authentic as it was the first time it was released. The updated content is different this time because now the content is the first with a new game mode to release Infection just. After Memories of Reach there will only be two content updates that will release “Hog Wild” and “WarZone”.

So we cannot talk about Memories of Reach without talking about the Spartans that made up the leading heroes of Spartan Noble team. To honor what was made before the developers at 343 have know made all four of the other members of Noble team available. The first Spartan Skin to release is the armor for Spartan Emile. His Armor with signature skull painted on the front Visor is a modified version of the so called Wrath Armor. Second is Jorge Armor. Jorge is both a Native of the Planet Reach as well as the only member of Noble team to be a part of the successful Spartan 2 project. His Armor is called the Indomitable the armor is almost perfectly when compared to the original with a few differences to compensate for the Jorge’s height when compared to the Spartan 4 in Halo 5. Next we have Spartan Kats Armor. Kats armor is called Intruder this armor feature a full set of armor with no Bionic replacements like Kat did in Halo Reach. Lastly is the last survivors of Noble team. Jun’s Armor set is called Vigilant, Vigilant is a scout sniper modded Armor set and is an almost identical to the original from Halo Reach.

Next we have infection mode. In the Memories of Reach content update Infection is a beast of you’re own creation. Like in previous posts and other publications about Infection mode. Everything in infection can be made to fit your play style, time limits, re-spawn, score limit. Even human and Zombie number for re-spawns can be manipulated. Basically everything and how you play in infection is up to you.

Next the new weapons coming to Memories of Reach include the Brute Plasma rifle and Jorge’s Chain machine gun. The brute plasma rifle is a classic originally released with Halo 2. The Chain gun Jorge used in Halo reach is full playable now and fully functional and goes well with the Armor of the late Spartan 2.

Lastly we have the little thing like the new visor cover and player card also available with this content update. Also we have one more new Assassination called Helping hands and is a great new addition for killing an enemy you were sneaking up on. The rest of the content is cool and will be available with REQ’s you unlock or buy.

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