Massive update coming To Xbox

The first major update of the new year For the Xbox one is getting ready to launch for preview and Xbox Beta app members in the coming days and will launch in February for everyone else. Apart from The see who is in the party that was one of the first new updates coming to Xbox One in the month of February systems update, today we are looking at the rest of the new content coming to both the Xbox Console and the overall Windows 10 universal platform operating system. The new content available for preview and beta app members are as follow (Gamerscore Leaderboard, Re-arrange Pins on Home and access them offline, Updating Activity Feed in Xbox One, Joinable Twitch Broadcasts, Improvements to Suggested Friends, Hide games from ‘ready-to-install’ list, Avatar Store, Xbox News, Improvements to Trending, and a Compact mode for Xbox App). All of these updates will be available for preview members in the coming days and weeks and should release across Windows 10 universal sometime in the middle of next month.

So the information about the coming update for Xbox One was split into two options one being the top that are the brand new updates while the other half are updates that will be releasing later on with other update. As side form checking who is in a party there is now “Gamerscore Leaderboard” this is a returning feature that the new experience update from November. Gamerscore Leaderboard will be upgraded to fit in on the sign in profile page and will allow those interested in completion with friend will be pushed to new level. Second feature making a come back is “Hide games” before on the old Xbox One OS players who did not want to see un-installed games on there libraries could remove them by making the Xbox Hide them. This feature like other was also left out of the new Experience update. A new but still highly requested feature is called “Re-arrange Pins on Home and access them offline” like the name says, once it releases as a major update it will allow players either online or off to fully manipulate the order or organization of pins on the home page regardless of internet access.

The Second half of new feature revealed are Compact mode for Xbox App, Xbox News, and Avatar Store. The Avatar Store is available as built in on the Xbox OS however it is also available on the Window Store for the other Windows 10 devices The new feature with the new app is the developers are increasing the overall selection size of what people can choose from when they download something new you the Avatar. Also the Animations of the props and Avatars are also been increased and are changeable as well. Xbox News is well pretty self explanatory the new Xbox News will be giving the top news going around as updates for Xbox news like an evolution to the Xbox entertainment app that brings “This Week on Xbox”. Lastly is the compact app for windows devices. The new app has no more information due to the fact it is still in heavy development with both the Xbox and Windows teams work hard to fix the bugs so it will launch with on the Xbox Windows App beta.

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