Major News

Today we have huge gaming news for both Xbox PlayStation. Major news such as Windows 10 app for Xbox getting a release window, new Star Wars Battlefront DLC, Resident Evil news straight from Capcom, and also a few little things going on with PC. A lot of the news coming out in a few hours

So in the gaming of all things Xbox. Today is the official release date of Halo 5 Guardians new content update called “Hammer Storm”. Hammer Storm is releasing with a Ton of content and is the most recent entry to added on content for Halo 5. Hammer Storm is not the last and 343 has stated that the new monthly updates for content will continue until June or July.

In other Xbox news we have the Windows 10 app. The Xbox version of the Windows 10 app is from the added effort to fully connect all windows devices together to create an all in one system that connects all windows and Microsoft devices into one system. The Windows app is bring a lot of features to the Xbox one being the full integration of the Cortana digital assistant, Microsoft answer to Apples Siri assistant. All other functions are unknown at the moment due to Microsoft keeping tight lipped about the program.

Staying with Microsoft and Xbox for a strange new rumor regarding the concept of connecting and cross playing Xbox and PC games. Earlier this week a rumor began to circulate that Microsoft and Valve began talks in order to bring Steam games and Xbox Exclusives to cross play on the respective systems. The biggest issue with this rumor is the fact that the PC games on Steam are meant from High Performance PCs, PCs that out preform both the PlayStation and the Xbox on every level. However Steam was be able to be played on a TV with a PlayStation 3 with moderate success with the Big Screen mode. The concept is not impossible because it has been done before.

Next we have some news for Resident Evil. It was announced today that Resident Evil 4,5, and 6 will all be releasing for PlayStation and Xbox. All three Resident Evil games will release one at a time the first to release of this HD re make of the games will be Resident Evil 6, because of its release in the last year of the last generation it will not need that much effort to upgrade the game. All of the HD remakes are going to be released slowly March for Resident Evil six release.

Finally for some PC news. Beside the rumor of Steam and Xbox we have more news for Armored Warfare. Armored Warfare has release the Update 0.13. The Armored Warfare update that was released has everything released in the last few months. One example is the third arms dealer with the new powerful Chinese Army tanks that will follow the military history of China from the 1950’s all the way to the late 1990’s.

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