Look at new Dying Light Enhanced Edition

Dying Light was one of the best first person survival games to release with the next generation of consoles like the Xbox One and PlayStation 4. However now after a great deal of time the developers to re release the game with all the content that has already released, not to mention that there will be a few new things like maps that are on a bigger scale that the last version of the game. Also as a little side deal the new version of the game called Enhanced will also release with the Season pass that hints that more downloadable content are on the way for the Dying Light, both original and Enhanced editions of the game.

Lets explore what is new to the Enhanced edition both what is doing with Hardware upgrades to the gameplay lighting, also what is new to the actual game and to the environment of the game. First the upgrades to the hardware. If some player can remember the game was very well made, its environment was well made it was also well constructed. Now with the Enhanced Edition of the game the developers have gone even further than before. All the smallest details have been given more definitions than the last. One example of this is a Zombie before if you paid close enough attentions to the thing you’ve killed you would see like little lines that divide the strands of hair were now each strand of hair. Also the lighting is more natural now in game than it was before, this is thanks to small fixes on the in game engine that has been tweaked to push the Xbox One and the PlayStation 4 even harder than before so the full environment of the game. There is a lot of these graphical upgrades in game thanks to the hard work of the development staff.

The things coming to the Dying Light Enhanced Edition are the already released expansions of the game plus what may or may not be coming with the season pass not to mention the so called larger in game environments. First the larger environments coming is called the Following. The ‘following’ has been called the largest map to date for the game and will feature buggies, and a few new weapons everything is fully inter changeable as well and can used by any member of your team thanks to the coop ability that also comes with this expansion. Now the Enhanced Edition is also releasing with the other two previously released expansions are being made available for free. Now for the season pass. While Dying Light has only released two expansions since the games release about a year ago, the developer maybe working on more content that will be available with the purchase of a season pass. While there is no official word that the developers have anything else planed for the game this could change as since most developers enjoy making gamers wait for content to even be announced. As for the full price for the Enhanced Edition of the game will cost around $60.00 because your are getting the two released expansions, season pass, and main story.

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