Lego Star Wars The Force Awakens.

We have great news for fans of the Lego video games, the newest movie Star Wars Episode seven The Force Awakens is being made into a Lego game with all of the parody joy and comedy that the Lego series is known for. The Force Awakens Lego looks like a ton of fun plus the added insanity of the Lego universe inside the world of the new Star Wars series directed by JJ Abrams and Disney Studio’s. Lego Force Awakens now joins its previous Star Wars Lego entry members. So lets break this game down to it bare bone interior.

Lets look first at Star Wars The Force Awakened the movie was one of the best star movies ever especially since the start of the new trilogy that will be release more movies in the near future. The game will follow a somewhat similar model that the movie follows in that it will focus on the new main characters. Also coming the Lego Star Wars is BB-8, the lovable new drone that accompanies Rey and Finn on there adventures on bored the Millennium Falcon with Han and Chewy as they look for Leia and her resistance Army fighting the First Order. The Lego version of the game loosely follows this because there are a few places where the game and the movie will differ. One example is the game will be a little funnier than the movie was. Also the game will feature more moments of action not as intense as the move say for Xwings racing to battle the Imperial Tie fighters or the Falcons run in with more tie fighter after adding Rey, BB-8, and Finn to the crew in search of Leia and her resistance group. In that sense the game will not change from the main story of the new Star Wars Movie

On the other hand the game will feel and play like the vast majority of the other Lego games. One example are the studs the Lego collectible stud from the past Star Wars games Batman games and new Avengers Lego game that has Age of Ultron and the other major Marvel movies since the first Avenger movie was released. Also Star Wars the Force Awakens will also have weird little add ons to the gameplay one such example from the announcement trailer was Finn waking up in the heat by an Alarm clock that magically came into existence. Also as a small joke Reys cruiser has a small sticker that “BB on board” joking about the new droid being made out as a baby, were he is joked as being a baby of the famous R2-D2 from the first six Star Wars movies. The rest are the little childish things that the characters of the series are known for like storm troopers messing around with the lights as well BB smashing into a sand castle and other things that go on in the back ground.

Lego Star Wars Episode Seven The Force Awakens will be releasing on all platforms of gaming will be releasing June 28th. Pre order on Amazon.