LEGO Marvel’s Avengers

The Lego video game series has allowed us to give experience some of our favorite and crazy comic book and movie universes in the comfort of our own homes. This list only really has Lego Star Wars and Lego Batman along with Lego Dimensions that just happened’s to be the newest edition that explores almost every Movie, comic, and TV shows. However how cool would it be to play as Marvel Comic greatest super hero Team The Avenger’s especially from the movie series that Marvel and Disney has created. However the game will go from the first Avengers film to both Captain America movies, IronMan 3, Thor the Dark world, and age of Ultron.

So The with Marvels third new phase of the movie series it is releasing. To help bring this hype to the surface Lego Avengers will allow all to go back to the first Captain America The First Avenger. Like the movie we will be able to play as much of the cast in game with the possibility of the hydra members getting in on the action like The Red Skull and his side kick Doctor, and maybe even Bucky and the howling commandos. Also Winter Soldier will be available with the unique class of characters that made an appearance in the movie.

As for the group movies where everyone all of the Avengers are all together. A lot like what happened’s in the films will happen in game with the classic crazy Lego fashion that the Lego gaming series is known for. Based on what you see from the trailer the game will likely have you fighting along side multiple team mates with brief moments where two of the characters are solo like in previous Lego games.

As for Iron man 3 and Thor expect for them to be a lot like Captain America and The Avengers where it is a mix of large teams and smaller ones. Everything will tie in with the main themes of the respective film and tie into the Age of Ultron. One disappointing thing is there will be no Guardians of the Galaxy or Ant man. This is not to say that they wont be released at a latter date as part of some sort of DLC, or just as a add on to the game with just the Characters and nothing related to the movie’s, but that is for a possible future announcement.

The supporting characters from the films will be in game. People like War Machine, Falcon, Quick Silver, Scarlet Witch, and The Vision. Each one of these heroes have their own abilities that make them a pick and choose of how to best tackle a situation including how to take on bosses like Ultron. Even though Lego Avengers is still sometime away you guys waiting to play

Lego Avengers will release January 29th for Xbox, PlayStation PC and Nintendo gaming systems. Pre order Lego Marvel’s Avengers onAmazon. Also keep an eye out for any developments that maybe announced re guarding any add ons or the season pass before the games release.