Just Cause 3 New Gameplay Trailer

So several hours ago the newest Just Cause 3 gameplay trailer released,and to be perfectly honest the third installment of the Just cause series is way more destructive than the previous two installments of the series. The trailer also demon straights the maneuverability of the wing suit, the new designed parachute and the grapple wrist launcher. Not to mention the newly overhauled graphics and maneuverability of the air vehicles. The developers promise that this game and everything that the series is popular for will still be in the game along with all the overhauled gameplay mechanics. And as a special bonus the developers have thrown in a free downloadable copy of Just Cause 2 for free all thanks to Backwards Compatibility.

So the explosions in game have become more powerful and have been given greater destructive power than in the previous installments. One example is into the trailer the person playing in some of the gameplay flies a jet fighter straight into an oil treatment facility. The entire facility blows sky high because of the new chain reaction effect that the developers have added into the game to bring it to the next generation of consoles. Also the the vehicle explosions have been overhauled, an example of this can be seen when the player preforms a combo of Rocket to the helicopter, wrist arm grapple, and parachute. The Parachute as previously stated has increased maneuverability and being able to be switch between the wing suit or the grapple.

Now for the wing suit. The wing suit from another the last released trailer shows how the developers overhauled and made the system better. The wing suit can be used at an increasingly low altitude. The wing suit can be used in stead of the para chute to get out of a crashing plane, helicopters, or cars and trucks. The wing has a similar feel to the Batman glide system however it is a lot simpler to gain or decrease altitude, allow for greater distances to be covered over the course of a single glide session.

The helicopters that can lift other vehicles is back and has some major improvement to the control of the aircraft and the speed. Just like before the helicopter can be used to pick up heaver vehicles and used them as wrecking balls for even more destruction of the environment. The vehicles that are compatible with this possibility are buses, light armored vehicles, cars, trucks some of the trains, smaller helicopters and jets. However this bird is still susceptible to ground fire and is not heavy armored. So any and all maneuvers have to be taken with some careful foot steps.

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