Is the Future of Gaming on Mobile devices

Is the future of gaming leaving consoles and going into hand held phones and mobile consoles? For years especially now with ever increasing smarter phones, tablets, and hand held is the very existence of at home gaming consoles at risk of becoming non-existential? To answer this we have to look at the recent trends by the biggest mobile phone makers Like Apple, Samsung, and Microsoft. These three companies beside sharing a bitter rivalry with each other have another major theme in common and that is every year they release phones that are more powerful than their previous versions like the Iphone 6S that is called ” The most powerful hand held device in the market” (various sources). But the question that stands is how long will smart phone exist for until they are replaced with a newer smarter wearable like Googles glasses project and the various VR developers working on the Oculus system, Sony VR, and Microsoft holo lens.

So far this year we have seen a great change in direction from the major cell phone makers, especially from Apple to bring more gaming options to the mobile devices. There are no major moves from the larger gaming corporations like Activation and EA actively putting either Star Wars Battlefront or the Major Call of Duty titles in Apples App store any time soon. However major developers start at the indie level and build up to new highs in the gaming world.

Microsoft of all it completion has the lead in what could eventually replace consoles as the homes entertainment device partly due to its focus on Windows 10 running on all its device like tablets and virtual reality devices. However Windows 10 allows for a repetitively new concept called “Game Stream” and like the name suggest it allows owners of a Tablet, PC, Laptop. While the ability to play Xbox one games over the same internet connection via Window phone is not currently possible it is still a future concept Microsoft should take into account.

Sony while not being one of the major three mobile phone developer has released its own phone that can be attact to the PlayStation 4 dual shock controller and wireless connect to the console. The concept that Sony has created is light years ahead of what apple and samsung are doing but is not to far a head of Microsoft and whatever plans that it may have for the universal windows 10 Operating system.

A lot of add on accessories exist as well such as an all metal controller frame to be use by the Samsung or Android based devices. Even with these add on’s all the major phone companies are still far from taking the thrown from PlayStation or the Xbox brands. While as smart phones get smart to the point they are replaced with wear able devices like smart watches and similar concepts to Google Glasses so will the consoles. Especial if Microsoft plans on making Windows 10 even smarter than it already is than it is hard to see if the age of Console will come to an end but mobile devices like the powerful Iphones and Galaxy’s the question is now ” Can Mobile phones go toe to toe with the consoles before they are replaced by wearable devices!”

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