Is The Division Raid mission coming

On March 22nd it will be exactly two weeks since Ubisoft released its hit new game that broke all previous records of most of Ubisofts previous titles and series. However this Tuesday is the two week mark since the Divisions release, and also the first major update to the game. This update may or may not include the so called Raid on Rikers Island mission. If the raid on Rikers is a real thing than it will for the first time take players out side of both the open city area and closed off dark zone already available since the games launch.

If the Rikers raid event is a legitimate you will have to meets a few requirements before you can take a helicopter ride over to the Island sitting just off the coast of Queens New York.

The first thing you have to be in order to gain access to this is reach a level high enough and complete two story missions that are necessary to the story that will happen on Rikers Island. The first thing you will have to do is be level 27, according to rumors Rikers Island only be accessible to those who want to play on the easier normal mode. If you to fully experience the full challenge that Rikers and all her inmates provide you have to be the max level 30 for difficulty Hard. Another requirement that needs to be filled is two story missions need to be completed. There is no real idea or credible sources that tells us exactly what the two missions are, but due to Rikers Island being the location plus the two difficulty level requirements means the two missions will most likely be missions on the north east side that is the closest to queens.

The next question is how do you get to Rikers? The answer is easy you get to Rikers the same way you got to the city a brief helicopter ride. But once you get to the Island the scale of Rikers Island can be truly felt and understood. The Island houses several large holding facilities that house the inmates. What can you expect here in Rikers? Simple Rikers is going to be full of the worst enemies in game the inmates of Rikers Island set free and they are the third faction of the story and the one of the most difficult factions due to the high experience levels than the other two hostile factions.

Please remember the possible Rikers Raid is just that a Possibility of being apart of the upcoming update on Tuesday two weeks exactly since the Division released. However if the Rikers raid does not release remember that the Next update in April is a small content update similar to what 343 is doing with Halo 5 every month.

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