Iron Man Xbox One.

In about a week or so Marvel studios and Disney Studios will release the next Captain America called Captain America Civil War. Civil War will pit both a team of super heroes lead by Captain America against the equally powerful team Iron Man. To celebrate this event Microsoft announced the Tony Stark “Iron Man” limited edition Xbox One. This special edition of the Xbox One is a dual promotion for all the parties involved The Movie Captain America Civil War and Microsoft Xbox One brand. This Xbox comes with a White controller with the same but small designed Arc reactor.

Lets start with the down side. This version of the Xbox One will only be available to french gamers. Second this Xbox One will only exist in three built physical models. Lastly the only way to get this console in France is by contest so only a lucky three french Xbox fans will be able to get the Xbox One.

The design of the Xbox One Iron Man edition is something never before seen Hero console. The Base color of this Xbox One is all white. This console has “Stark Industry” written in all black above the Arc Reactor Tony Has on the suit and what he used to have on his chest. The Xbox One Edition of Iron Man is well detailed and look like an authentic part of the Marvel Avengers cinematic universe. The Arc Reactor is colored in a blue and lighting that make it look like it was the real Arc from the movie. However a turn off to the special edition Xbox one is that it is not the color of the suit. The thing is most super fans especially for this movie universe like authenticity, so a lot of super fans maybe turned off since the Xbox One does not have the same color like the red, gold, and silver coloring of the Xbox.

The Controller of this Iron Man Xbox One is just as good looking as the Xbox One. The Controller like the Xbox One has has a mini Arc Reactor in stead of the normal Power button. Like the controller the small Arc reactor also turns a blue color when it is turning on. The Controller also has the Stark Industry Logo on the center of the Controller. However like the Xbox the controller is not true to super fan standers because the color is not the same as to what is on the real Iron man suit.

Even though this console will only be made in Three models this console is good looking. The Iron man Xbox One will only belong to a chosen few. The Iron Man Xbox One also something that makes the fact that the next Captain America with new characters to the Avengers universe is here, leading to the ultimate movie event with the release of Marvels Avengers Infinty Wars 1 and 2.

Even though this Xbox is a one time thing in France that does not have to stop you from enjoying Xbox. Checkout the Xbox page on Amazon.