Infinity Armory Update break down

A few weeks ago we talked about the new and massive update that 343 was making ready for Halo 5 Multiplayer. We looked at few pieces of released information about the Update but today we will be breaking it down including the new Assassinations along with the, new Maps, and the return of the Halo 2 Battle rifle, new Limited time req vehicle pack, and one with we will be excluding is the color skin options because we a have covered all the skins. The infinity Armory update will be adding tons of new original content that just are remix of old gear or maps but really an original blend of new bigger content.

The first thing you will notice about the Armory update is the new maps made available via the update one is a massive urban arena that is meant only for the Warzone game mode, while the other map is called Riptide that is a stranded map for the multiplayer mode. The first is new warzone map “Urban” Urban a map set on a UNSC city whether from one of the old Human colonies before the war the alien army known as the Covenant or a City on earth that was spared the Alien invasion. The map is huge, it’s high and low points that are great for ambushing enemies Spartans or vehicles alike, and the vertical of the map is a snipers dream come true because you will be able to make those cross map kills with relative easy based on the skill of the individual Spartan Soldier. The map feature a huge round building in the middle of the map for close quarter engagements to destroy enemies. The Second map is Riptide, Riptide is the standard team map that will pit red vs blue. This map is close quarters high speed style the same as the original smaller map that were in game when it was released.

The next thing we are going to take a look at are the means to dispatch your enemies. The new way of killing enemy Spartans are with the tried and true Halo 2 classic the original Battle rifle that become a favorite among players with its three round burst and scope. Along with the battle rifle there is also the addition of two new Assassinations. Lets look at the returning classic the Halo 2 battle rifle after the success of Halo Combat evolved Bungie went full speed ahead to create have Halo 2. The developers replaced the rapid fire assault rifle with something a little more contained and that was the three round burst Battle rifle that become infamous for killing the most stubborn enemies with ease. Over the years it has gotten new looks as well as some updates to its damage power but now thanks to this update the old battle rifle is back in all of its glory. The Assassinations are more brutal than ever one example is called “Stop Stabbing Yourself” which like the name says when you go up for the kill you grab the other Spartans hands and stab them in the chest. The second is called Wind up and it is just a new Neck snapping Assassination. All of this is now available with Infinity Armory.

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