HomeFront Rev new trailer

The Homefront revolution is on its way but the developers believe that now is the right time to in their words to ignite the new American Revolution. The trailer is an awesome look at how the game will work and combine slow and well planed moments with fast past combat scenarios that will be sabotage, ambushing, and a bunch of other unconventional military tactics to use against the occupation forces.

The story of the trailer shows a lot of the thing mentioned in the previously released trailer about tactics, weapons and everything that will be important to your overall survival in game. This trailer takes that to the next level about how important what the player does is in getting one step closer to liberating the United States from the Korean occupation force. The freedom fighting rebels will by the trailer it seem at least that at some point the insurgents gain the tactical edge over the occupiers close to the end of the game and are able to take out tougher enemies like the fat airships over the city of Philly.

The new ignite trailer shows just how desperate the social situation the people of the city face in game. Even though the game is based on fiction the developers try to go all out in order to show the desperation of the fight in game. The trailer like the movie red dawn movies players can see what it the struggle people are living through being beaten torn down on a daily bases. This game has a lot of emotional hard points that will be the motivating factor in how hard you fight. In previous statements the developers said they want to show a world were America is a fallen power with no friends coming to the rescue and the people are broken. The developer wanted to make the a world were there is no powerful unstoppable US military to save the day

Even though Homefront Revolution is a full blown reboot to the original game there are till portions that still are present in game. One such example is the unmanned ground combat vehicle that while its been modified for the new game it still looks and acts like the original. This unmanned vehicle is used by both sides either captured from the occupation force or one that was called in but hacked. The Drone can be hacked via the hacking tool available and seen in the last trailer, but it will likely need some upgrading to get better control over the vehicle.

The full Homefront revolution when it releases will be full of in game hard ships that will make the game feel more realistic. Everything from seeing The occupation soldiers to the mass graves of civils being murdered and beat in the streets. You will need every advantage in game like the darkness of night to silencers for guns to even the gear you have brought with you to modify your weapons on the move without a menu with the options you have.

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