Halo Hammer Strike release

Hey so yesterday we brought the a broken down version of the information that was left out or we did not talk about some of the things that were not really talked about during our break down. Today we are gonna break down what is in the trailer impractically the new game mode and the two new maps that that will be coming as well with the full content update later this week.

So one of a halo fans favorite pass time have been two teams of heavily armed super soldier fight over a ball shaped device or actual ball. The developers have deiced to bring back this time favored classic of custom game modes with a bit of a twist. Grifball one of the new game modes takes place on a frozen lake with a hockey ring style design, two teams of Spartans will face off against each other with gravity hammers. The goal of the game mode is for one of the two team to get the ball and completely slaughter the other team. The Spartan with the ball becomes gold in color of armor and becomes more powerful than the other Spartans on either team. The second grifball event to be released with this update is called “Assault” and just as its name implies two teams will be fighting over another grifball the team that kill most of the enemy players while keeping the ball on their side wins. There are more rules than the explanation we gave but 343 has not made any further comment on the matter. Each one of the new games is also inspiring a new competitive gaming tournament group that is all about grifball and how it will expand the halo gaming community content in future Halo titles.

Next we have the new Arena map. This map unlike the others is focused on a changing environment. In the trailer you can see the pillars at the center of the map shifting up and down. While we only have this to go in seems as if other aspects of the map will likely do this as well. The map due to its vertical heights and tight spaces will make it great for close quarter weapons such as deploy in game look for the SMG and shotguns if not equipped before the game starts. Also threats can be lurking everywhere especially from above.

Finally one new game mode will also be releasing called “Fiesta”. Its hard to tell what Fiesta really is due in part it looks like a team death match from another game. The mode looks to be played by two teams off apposing Spartans trying to kill each other like Warzone or Slayer modes of old. There are no in map objectives either, and the map does not seem to be anything specal.

Also at the very end we get a sneak peak of the Next content update that will being a newer bigger badder map sometime in the near future. The game mode is for the Warzone and features new forerunners knight design. This update may release sometime in the Next months.

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