Halo Ghost of Meridean Details

343 studios has done Halo 5 multiplayer fans a huge favor. Today the released on Halo waypoint a few piece of new gear coming to Halo 5 in the next content update set to release in early April.Of the 35 total pieces of new content coming 343 previewed a few new things like a new gravity hammer design a sub variant of the Scorpion Tank and two new armor designs coming Halo in the early month Content update. We also get to see a few maps concepts art one even resembling the city of new Mombasa from the Halo 3 ODST story.

Lets start off with what was in the preview of today. Apart from the new Hannibal Mantis 343s developers have also added a redesigned Scorpion tank that features the same color design of the Mantis. Because the preview was only pictures we do not know if the new Tank will have any special feature or improved movement over the other version already in game. Second is the new gravity hammer skin coming out with the update. The Gravity hammer is called Tartarus Gravity Hammer. Lets be clear however the gravity hammer in this update does not look like the hammer from the original Halo 2 version but rather a re colored orange red and black design similar to the Brute guards of Halo 2 and Halo 3. As for new armor skins we have two we know of so far but expect more. The first is called the Mark V Alpha Reflex. The reflex is an armor set that makes the suit shine and adds a little more style to the Classic Halo Mark V suit. The other armor set is called Dynasty Armor. This armor like a few other gets its inspiration from ancient warrior culture however the exact inspiration is unknown at the moment.

The Studio also released some big new for those waiting for the Fire Fight mode to release. In a trailer released on the Halo YouTube Channel some new gameplay footage was shown off with a team of four Spartans fighting off waves of Forerunner and Covenant forces who seem to be attacking all at once. From the trailer the true scale of the map seems large enough to house large helpful vehicles like a mantis or a Tank or maybe some of the new Warthogs from the game. Fire Fight will be a similar experience to those who first played on Halo 3 ODST when the mode was first released.

As for the maps in the post on the Waypoint website a total of 15 or so concepts designs. A few maps are returning from Halo games from early on in the series and one of the largest is similar to an old favorite from halo 3. The new maps seem large enough to house all manners of vehicles as well as weapons. Expect to see a few of these maps or maybe even all of them when we get more information via a live stream that 343 normally does or if it just releases.

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