Halo 5 April Update “Ghost of Meridian”

It is once again time to talk about the next Halo 5 monthly update, however Ghost of Meridian will release in early April. Ghost of Meridian will feature a host of new content like the other content updates released for free. Ghost of Meridian will be the next of the second half of planned content updates 343 studious is releasing for the next few months. Ghost of Meridian will however come with some new goodies like more REQ pack vehicles with powerful updates and more weapons, skins, and maybe two new Assassination as trends from the older updates released show.

So what can we expect from the Ghost update. Ghost of Meridian will feature a new Mantis assault suit. The new mantis features a new weapon on its right arm. The new attachment to the mantis is a new laser weapon or maybe even a new coil cannon. The Left arm or the new Hannibal Mantis is the normal missile launch on the base Mantis model. The rest of the armored suits abilities are still unknown, we believe that the new Mantis will be able to lock on to targets faster or have a slightly faster movement performance. Most of the few vehicles given the special treatment and redesign to make them new more power abilities.

Second thing we do know are the two new maps one being a massive warzone map called Skirmish at Dark Star. This map based on what has been released about the map make it out to be massive. Dark Star is set to have a large battle in and around the scattered lands marks that are a symbol of the post War human struggle to re gain the lost outer colonies that all humans once called home before the war and the Spartan programs. Dark Star will be large enough to house playable vehicle like Ghosts, Warthogs, and maybe a few tanks and aircraft like the forerunner promethium fighter the the Banshee. The map will also sport decent cover and hard points in the more open areas of the map. The other map has not had any other information as we get closer to its eventual release.

Now for what we know that will release but do not have any specific details on. One is the armor. 343 has made it there business to release more and more armor sets that players can unlock the more they play and spend on Req packs. We can expect more rare and unique armor sets and maybe a few returning from other parts of the Halo series like maybe some sets released from Halo Reach or Halo 3 or 4. Next are the weapons with new built in power upgrades. It is very likely that 343 will also be adding weapons that look like classics but have upgrades that make them far better than the originals like the carbin that fires spikes like a needler. And lastly everyone favorite Assassinations may also be getting nastier than the last updates.

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