Halo 5 Guardians Overview

Halo 5 Guardians is here and it is amazing and defiantly an improvement on Halo 4. Halo 5 Guardians feature a number of new gameplay mechanics, upgraded graphics, and the brand new to the halo series, the new and enhanced version of The Spartan abilities that for the first time in franchise history will allow you to scale the previously unscalable heights of different story mode missions. The lets not forget Halo’s Legendary Multiplayer that has become a symbol of what Xbox is, and ha

Story Mode

Halo 5 Story mode is a radical change from what has come before it. First up is the inclusion of new team members. First up is the Master Chiefs Blue Team that will now includes three of the Surviving Spartan 2 Linda, Fred, and Kelly, who made appearances in the novelized version of the Halo series. On the other side is fireteam Osiris the unit charged with bring back the AWOL Spartan Blue Team, Osiris is made up of the new class Spartan 4 and they are Spartan Jameson Locke, the ODST Edward Buck, and to new faces such as Spartan Olympia Vale, and Spartan Holly Tanaka. The story manly focuses on the conflict between Blue Team and Osiris that is a result of the UNSC ordering Osiris to bring the missing Spartans back. However it soon becomes clear that the new Forerunner threat that the huge Guardian structure presents in the story. However we are also introduced to the master mind behind the Guardian appearance. As for the gameplay Halo 5 in terms of graphics power, lighting and the ability to pick up new weapons more frequently one example is the light machine gun from halo 4 also makes an appearance rather than the few and far between point is was able to be picked up in game. All weapons will also have the new Smart scope ability so everything from Assault rifles to needeler has a sight system. Now because of Halo 5 has Ai controlled team mates you can order them to pick up weapons, hold positions, choose targets, and other things including ask to be healed when you are downed. Halo 5 Guardians new story experience combined with the major overhaul done by 343 in order to provide a more in depth experience.


Now for the best part of the Halo series Multiplayer. Multiplayer of the Halo series is one of those things that is often told as what a classic multiplayer shooter. Halo 5 multiplayer is  in a league of its own one reason you maybe wondering ?, easy Warzone, Warzone is a massive and ambitions  game mode that will put two teams of spartan not just against each other but also Covenant, and forerunner forces will be joining your fight. Warzone maps will have enough space for all vehicles classic to the series. Their will also be classic gaming modes like slayer and the Halo version of capture the flag. As for the new Spartan abilities they for obvious reasons will not be as powerful as the story mode. There are also locations were you can get custom weapons in a match. This is only the tip of the ice berg for the multiplayer mode explore the rest when Halo 5 releases later tonight.


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