Halo 5 February Update

Today we were able to get our first look at Halo 5 February Update to release later this year. The second content update will be releasing with a ton of stuff armor skins, new weapons, new skins, the return of two classics, two brand new Assassinations, new maps for warzone and arena, and a new game mode. The developers over at 343 hosted a live Twitch gameplay event for those will want to see what happened we will be bring the video as soon as it becomes available. The new update called Halo 5 Hammer Strike update will be releasing with in the next few days but before the weekend.

So lets take guns. Halo Hammer Strike is an update that will feature tons of revamped modded weapons as well as really good looking unique skins. The plasma repeater from the story mode of Halo Guardians has been revamped and more powerful with the addition of two new versions of the weapon. One of the two new versions fires plasma shots that explode on contact with an enemy but it over heats a lot more often, and this weapon is available in the Arena mode. The Second is the same type of rifle but the difference is this weapon takes more time to over heat versus the the previous versions from the main story. The two returning weapons are the Halo 3 gravity Hammer and the Halo 1 magnum pistol. The Magnum is a retro return the pistol is even made to look as if it was pulled straight out of history of Halo. The gravity Hammer is the same model used in Halo 3, ODST, and Halo Reach. The gravity hammer will also play a part in the new grav ball mode that will also be releasing with the Update. The new weapon attachments versions of the weapons in game you’ll see that include increased ammunition count one example includes the pistol and the Assault rifle. The other new weapon add on coming for weapons are a bayonet style knife for stabbing too close enemies. Also the new weapons skins add some new colorful options.

Next we have the Armors and the Assassinations. The Armor will be like always broken up two smaller sets t be collected via Halo Guardians multiplayer REQ packs. A lot of the armor design are new and exotic with a lot more variation between Armor sets. The two main armor pieces are called The Decimator and The Marauder sets. The two new Assassinations are called Knee-Dful and Terminal velocity. Now Knee Dful is hands down the nastiest of the two options. This Legendary Req has one player smashing another players in to his knee repeatedly. On the other hand the second option Terminal Velocity will have one player knocking over the other and smashing down with the full force of the heel thanks the the armors boosters that give a satisfying end to an enemy player.

Halo 5 Guardians is an Xbox One exclusive available on the Xbox gaming page on Amazon