Ghost In the Shell Beta

It is finally here the beta for one of the most popular anime’s in existence the Cyberpunk crime drama Ghost In the Shell Stand Alone Complex new game First Assault. Stand Alone Complex Online is a great expansion into the fan favorite Anime, it allows you the player to take control of one of the members of Section 9 as they fight terrorists in the open streets of Neo-Japan. The game will Be a first person shooter style game with some elements of story involved but the trailer does not specify to what extent a story would include. Also the game has a massive setting on team cooperative gameplay so you will need to build an expert team to help execute missions and even have a chance to practice with the Tutorial mode that is offers at the very beginning and can be very helpful in understanding the gameplay and controls.

The first thing will address about Stand Alone Online is the tutorial. The in game tutorial is, the tutorial is one of the most helpful tools for learning the controls and unique feel of Stand Alone Online. The tutorial feature a few different simulations that require a degree of patience because it is done in pieces like most other first person shooters like Call of Duty that require a small learning curve to get used to the controls and overall feel of the game. Also tutorial may also allow for players to test new weapons as they become with later packs and expansions.

The second thing is the characters available, every member of the team is playable. Each member has their own unique ability for balancing purposes. For example the Major has her cloaking system, an Arm hidden mini gun. A missing fan favorite the blue spider tanks will not be in game but may be part of other larger expansions or later in the games future updates.

The weapons in game are based more in the real world version than some of the more futuristic fiction weapons that are in the Anime or the Manga. Some of the weapons are the world famous AK-47, the Kriss Vector SMG from the small weapons developer Kriss USA. The weapons can be mixed and matched for each of the characters, and will be able to work with each characters specializations and weapons experts to rake full advantage. One example is from the trailer that shows off the Majors skills with her run and gun abilities a long with her special ability of her cloaking system. Also the physical ability of the characters is the one thing they all share, such as being able to run faster than the terrorist human faction, being able to share information on the fly with the neural uplink and being able to jump really high to get the drop on enemies.

Stand Alone Online is $4.99 on Steam so for those who want to upgrade your pc for the best possible expiernce checkout Amazon gaming page for the best options for gaming.