Gears of War 4 Trailer

Last weekend the developers working on Gear of War 4 at the new coalition studios released a new trailer showing off the newest hero to Gears and the new Hero of the series JD Fenix. The new trailer shows some kind of struggle the new generation of gear soldier to fight a scary and unpredictable enemy 25 years after the end of the Human Locust war that ended twenty five years before the start of the next entire Gears of War 4.

The trailer opens with a sense of urgency with JD having flash backs to his childhood and his parents on a farm post gears 3. The trailer is a Mix of shots of Anna and Marcus in the past and shots of JD fighting the new yet to be identified enemies that look like humans in size and shape. The monsters are also in full pursuit the creatures that look like giant bugs. The trailer ends with JD finding his back to his childhood home taking cover behind the tree his father Marcus planted in his early childhood with his initials carved in to the tree while he shoots at the bug creature off screen.

The back story to all the events were revealed via coalition interview published in the March issue of game informer. The developers talk story pre in game events all the way up to the present. Do not worry because all the information given in the interview. The developers talk back stories like who is JD why he is doing what he is doing and the other main characters. First up is the classic character Marcus Fenix. Fenix has left the military behind in favor for a quiet life in the country side with his new family. However JD a few real later runs away form the family home and joins the Militia a Military organization that was created after gears of war 3 after the fall of COG government and disbandment of its Gear Army. However the story opens with JD and his team being sent on a classified mission when things head south, now his team is classified as AWOL and stuck in the area were JD spent his early life in forest full of nasty new enemies and creature in a violent storm infested area of the world. Apart from this the developers hint at JD having similar daddy issues that his father experienced with his father in the Gears of War Universe before and during the War with the Locust invasion.

Gears of War 4 is really turning into something special and a impressive game that will release for a single console. Gears 4 take players and fans to a story after one of the best gaming stories that can come out of a block buster hit series. Gears of War 4 will show what the next generation studio The Coalition is made of as we march forward into the current and next generation of Xbox and Consoles as a whole.

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