Gaming news

So we have been doing a lot of gaming news updates and we bring yet another one today. In today’s headlines we have some devastating new news that will shock some and surprise others. Today we have gotten more news in regard to the next Call of Duty, Mass Effect Andromeda, Uncharted 4, and news on the new March Xbox One Update released already for preview members. Also a new preview game made available on the Xbox thanks to the preview game section on the Xbox store.

Lest talk delays. Last year was the so called year of delays because everything in the late winter to early summer. This year is turning into something similar in that highly anticipated games are being pushed back for “developmental” purposes. This however could be a good thing or could be a stalling tactic because the developers found major bugs in the game hardware.

So lets talk about a couple of delays that coming Uncharted 4 and Electronic arts baby Mass Effect. So lets kick things off with Uncharted. The fourth and final entry to the long spanning series that is one of PlayStation most played exclusives was announced that it would be pushed back until May 10th. The reason that Naughty Dog announced it today was due to reports that Naughty Dog needed more time to mass produce the game. The issue here is the fact that why does naughty dog not have enough for a pre download version of the game for digital release. The second game Mass Effect from electronic arts. The newest Mass effect “Mass Effect Andromeda” was announced to be delayed further into 2017. Originally Mass Effect Andromeda would release some where between Holiday Season 2016 however today EA officially announced that the fame would be released in the first or second quarter of the next year. These delays are huge but nothing else interns of new gameplay or even trailers.

Next we have some new Call of Duty. Activision officially announced that the next Call of Duty will only be shown at this years E3. What does this mean? simple it means that after a small teaser that may or may not be releasing sometime in March ,we will only see the next call of duty at E3 with a possible on a demo. One down side of today announcement is that for the first time in its history in console gaming Call of Duty and Activision will not be at E3 and a playable demo will also be absent even at the Sony PlayStation booth. Activision did mention however that it is working with Sony on the next call of duty games presentation.

Today it was announced that earlier in the morning around 3 am PST Microsoft released the new Preview for the March Update. the first of many small updates leading up to the open release of the Marc update. This update was also released for the Xbox Windows app running on all Windows tens running platforms. Stay tuned because we will be bring a video preview from the official Xbox page when it becomes available.

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