Gaming News updates

Today as we entire the last day of February we have gotten more news that shines a light on to the major games to release this fall and holiday season and as well as the first quarter of 2017. Today it appears more and more likely that the next call of duty will in fact not be a near or distant future installment like Black ops 3 or Advanced Warfare but a more contemporary addition called Ghost 2. Not only is there call of duty news but more on EA mysterious project for the second entry to the Titanfall series “Titanfall 2”. Lastly we also have some said new regarding Fallout 4.

Lets kick things off with the biggest shooter series on gaming platforms a cross the world the Call of Duty series. There is a lot of speculation in the world of gaming to what the next Call of Duty title will be. Today on a popular gaming magazine from the Untied Kingdom released it latest issue with an unconfirmed Call of Duty Ghost 2 art work was featured in the issue. Since the beginning of the newest generation of gaming consoles Activision announced the three year development plan that allows more time to develop games on a longer time frame than the last arrangement. This year according to this is Infinity wards year with the series that replaces the Call of Duty Modern Warfare story line. Its already March and neither the publisher Activision or the lead development studio of Infinity Ward have made any moves to officially announce the games existence let alone its official name or title. However according to the magazine article “everything” was announced. Since the information cannot be verified by gaming cop at this time the information things like the release date and the setting were mentioned in the article as well but nothing from the official developers or publisher. But as march starts to get underway most likely the official announcement will happen and the clams made by the magazine will either be confirmed or dis proven.

Electronic Arts next major title release is Titanfall 2. Titanfall 2 has been given a lot of attention recently with EAs CEO saying to reporters to expect a new titanfall between this year and the first quarter of the next year. This statement is far from an official confirmation of the games of the games release. However earlier today like with call of duty ghost 2 Titanfall 2 may have been accidentally leaked by GameStop. This however has since been removed and there has been now other form of explanation from either Electronic Arts or GameStop as to what happened and why. However as march gets underway expect an official announcement sometime between the start of the month and E3.

Now on the said that news that will have some gamers kicking themselves for not getting the Fallout 4 season pass. If you are one of the smart people who bought the season pass for fallout 4 early congrats because you are one of the smart gamers that do not like having to pay more for content. Starting tomorrow the Fallout 4 season pass will cost an extra $10 if you do not want to pay for individual packs downloadable and other content. For those who want the season pass get it now.

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