Gaming News Updates

We have a ton of update news releasing today for Halo 5 and Armored Warfare. The big features are the Ghost of Meridian and an new event to Armored Warfare called “PanzerFest”. We are also go to make a small revision on the up coming infection mode as well as some predictions coming for the next Halo content update called “Memories of Reach”.

Yesterday 343 released the free content update to Halo 5 multiplayer call Ghost of Meridian. Ghost of Meridian is full of everything fun of content. All the variants of weapons, vehicles, skins, assassinations, armor, maps, everything is available with lots of play hours or buy liking a lot of REQ pack purchases. However if you brought a REQ pack before it released well your out of luck because purchases before the release of Ghost of Meridian expecting to get something early your out of luck cause that not how it works. The REQ are available now via earning them or paying for them one by one to get all the features of the Ghost of Meridian content update.

The Next content update will be titled Memories of Reach. This update was official announced yesterday after the live stream for Ghost of Meridian. The Memories of Reach teaser released, shows the armor sets of the Spartan 3 of Spartan Noble team from the last Halo game from Bungie before it started on Destiny was Halo Reach and one of the best spin off of the original Halo series. Memories of reach has the armor sets of Jun, Kat, Jorge, and the infected Spartan Armor Emile. The armor pieces have some differences like for example the Emile armor has the signature Knife on the left shoulder than the right that some fans may feel does not hold up to original Reach Armor set. As for Noble Six the main character and the Noble team leader Carter, there armor sets are not shown in the trailer. Halo 5 base library of armor sets feature armor sets similar to the two Spartan 3 but not the same. It is not fully known if there armor sets will be available in Memories of Reach but it is a possibility. The release date is to be announced at a later date.

Now its time for Armored Warfare newest event called PanzerFest. Panzerfest is the developers way of giving fans and players some new content and missions to play with while they work on the next update and hopefully bring the next Tier of tanks to include the next tank generation like the Russian T-14. Panzerfest has the first version of the legendary power house Leopard 1 main battle tank. It also turns out that the all German trailer released a week ago was meant as a teaser for both Panzerfest and the Leopard 1 Main Battle Tank. The event is live as of today for all players and those who sign up for the game now will recivve the Leopard 1 as a free gift. The event will end April 30.

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