Gaming News

This weeks gaming news has been full of Betas and a few interesting releases and updates. First we had the opening of three betas for Halo, Gears of War 4 and BattleBorn. After came the update releases for The Division and teaser for Armored Warfare Next Update. Black ops 3 new Season pass zombie Island trailer also released this week and will release a full month in advance for PlayStation 4 owners. Along with small rumors and interesting detail to what Ubisoft has planned for the person or persons involved with the in the Famous Division boss fight glitch found to exist in the newest update add on Falcon.

So lets kick things off with one of the worst things that can Happen to a gamer, being banned. Ubisoft is not too happy that one gamer found a way to glitch the boss fight in the Falcon Mission in Tom Clancy’s The Division. The Glitch to defeat the boss is a bit complicated to explain if you do not know how the game works. However the Developers over at Ubisoft are not too happy over this. The dev team is look for the original “glitcher” who not only found it put posted it to the internet for the world to exploit. The most likely punishment for the this is most likely to a life time ban from the Division servers however it is unclear on how Ubisoft will be enforcing said ban once the individual or Individuals are caught. We will keep an eye this for any future developments.

We talked about the Beta this week. Most if not all betas were Xbox exclusive like the Warzone FireFight for Halo and Gears of War 4 Multiplayer beta also going live this weekend.

As for updates and release this past week saw a ton of releases and a few announcements. One such announcement was the Development team of Armored Warfare was about to release update 0.15 to the game give players access to the futuristic Tier Ten classes like the Armata and M1A3 Abrams. Then the Division saw its first free content update go live. The update titled Incursion feature was mostly content but adding to a long list of minor fixes for the game as well. Incursion also saw the release of the new mission called Falcon. Falcon feature the agents going up against the PMC army called the Last Man Battalion and is home to the hardest boss fight of the game.

Lastly rounding out this week was the new trailer for the next Expansion to Black ops 3. The Zombie story will continue to unravel this time on an Island somewhere in the Pacific by the way the forest looks. The story and the map have a lot of nasty new surprises like zombie eating plants and crashing planes. Also a new hulking new Zombie boss to off against in game. Bring guns and a few friends and shoot up the undead hordes as you see fit on PlayStation 4 before PC and Xbox.

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