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Today We have some more gaming news covering games like the open multiplayer game “Overwatch”, a strange new trailer for Arma 3 that has some background and possible a small hint of Apex. As well a new update coming to Armored Warfare as well as a live stream event that was hosted by the two leading developers of Armored Warfare.

Lets take Apex for arma 3 for a moment. The Apex update still has not released either small beta updates for testing nor actual gameplay outside of the first teaser trailer to release for the new environment that is the south pacific island Tanoa. This new trailer is called “Eau De Combat”, the developers made this trailer into a fragrance commercial for men an official Arma branded one. This trailer may seem ridiculous at first but pay attention to the back ground of the trailer. The back ground shows off an amphibious assault by what appears to be Marines attacking the Island of Tanoa. However besides some possible gameplay for Apex in the background the rest of the trailer was a April fools day prank. The fragrance is the joke the trailer’s gameplay on the other hand is likely the realistic thing in the whole 30 second trailer and is what may or may not have bits and pieces of what Apex may offer.

Next up us Armored Warfare live stream form a few days ago. The live stream also doubled as a question and answer session. At one point in the stream the developer playing begins to talk about the next update and the fixes, as well as a few changes coming to the other vehicles to allow for all vehicles to have a lower gun depression ratio for the armored vehicles like the Tank destroyers, light tanks and the main battle tanks. These updates however will be a part of the 0.15 update.

Another piece of new for Armored Warfare is a new tank trailer. The new trailer shows a new tank yet to be introduced in English but due to the trailer being in German it is likely the tank is mid to late cold war design probably the prototype of West German Army Leopard 1 main battle tank. We will have to wait and see what becomes of the tank later on in Armored Warfare development.

Lastly today we got a new trailer for the multiplayer only game called Over Watch. This trailer is the same that caused some controversy this week because the female leads were so called “too sexy” posses in the short trailer. The theme is from the point of view from on of the main villains and takes place in a futuristic London. The trailer was a PlayStation exclusive and is available for stream on a PlayStation 4 or PlayStation 3 as well as Blizzards official YouTube page.

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Checkout the animated OverWatch trailer on YouTube.