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Today we have some of the latest news about the development of future gaming platforms, The Divisions DLC, and Fallout 3 news. We will also be touching a controversial statement made by a mobile device hardware manufacturer about mobile phone development hardware equaling or even surpassing the power offered by the current generations of gaming consoles the PlayStation 4 and the Xbox One. The DLC for Ubisofts The Division was also announced with big news revolving around it as well, along with rumor of Fallout 3 maybe re-releasing for the current generation of console both PlayStation and Xbox will be getting it if the rumors are true.

To kick things lets start once again by talking about the future of gaming. We have talked about how the next generation is already under heavy development by both Microsoft and Sony. However mobile gaming is not far behind either in fact the Iphone series of mobile phones made by has been called the powerful phone on the market. This development of packing a lot of power into such a small device. How now one hardware developer went as far as to say that the phone of 2017 will equal or even surpass the capabilities of both Xbox One and PlayStation 4. The story first was released by “” The hardware developer exact words are “Mobile hardware is already powerful…If you take today’s high-end smartphone or tablet, the performance is already better than Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. It’s catching up quickly with Xbox One and PlayStation 4.”. Obviously this is up for debate for good reason due to the fact that the PlayStation and Xbox are made for the solo purpose of video gaming were the iphone has many purpose like a personal digital assistant, phone, email device, and personal on the go computer. The one thing that is not on this list of features is gaming first, in recent years phone developers have tried to making gaming better but its still lags behind both the Xbox and PlayStation gaming performance. The developer even goes as far to say that Virtual Reality will also be coming to mobile devices maybe too much to hope for 2017 but this could be changed. As for phones over powering consoles in terms of processing data that is a strong possibility when compared to current processors, however completely over taking consoles is doubt able.

As for news of The Division. The Ubisoft developers working to bring the game to full release have announced that all Down loadable content will 30 day Timed exclusives for Xbox One only. The content from the Season pass, and other content will only be released a month early for Xbox this includes the free content that release ever once in a while as a gift from developers.

Finally the Fallout developers say that Fallout 3 may be getting a High definition over haul for play on both the Xbox and PlayStation. This will also include downloadable content from the games life. Also The developers have also announced new Downloadable content for the current Fallout 4.

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