Gaming Accessories

So for all platform gamers Xbox, PlayStation,PC, Hand held, or even mobile devices. Today for whatever your gaming need is regardless of platform we are going to take look at at some new gaming accessories that have already released or will be releasing latter this year. Also we will be breaking it down by Platform so the order will go Consoles, PC, Hand held/ Mobile, to keep everything organized as well as to cover anything that maybe coming to one or more of the gaming devices. Today we start off with the Consoles and tomorrow we will go into accessories for PC’s.

First up we will be talking about Consoles. Now keep in mind there are not many things being released as accessories for the Wii U. However we will be talking mostly on the new gear coming to both Xbox and PlayStation in terms of Storage management, cooling fans, controller accessories, and a few other things.

Cooling Fans: No one likes it when their expensive piece of gaming hardware like a PlayStation 4 or Xbox One over heats. The damage can some times be so bad that it will need to be replaced or repaired by the manufacture for a period of time and for some cases a cost of a certain amount once the warranty expires. One of the best ways to prevent this is with a high quality cooling fans so your favorite gaming machine will be cool and kept at a perfect level for continuous gaming.

The best reviewed is on Amazon and is the Nyko Intercooler. The Nyko cooler is available for both the Xbox One and the PlayStation 4. The fan for the PlayStation connects to the back of the console with added ports for the power connection and the connection to the TV wire as well. The fan is small and stealthy, and out of the and is practically noiseless. The Xbox version of the fan is a larger than the PlayStation version but is just as effective. The Fan sits on top of the air duct up side of the console, and connects to the back of the console with a special wire that will keep it from breaking overtime. The two fans are priced at $24.99 plus shipping and handling but are at a discount for Amazon Prime member’s.

Next for those who know that the basic memory for both the Xbox and PlayStation is not enough for games like Batman Arkham Knight or Call of Duty Black ops 3 to be saved with season pass and content saved as well can take up a lot. One of the highest rated Memory banks is the Nyko Data Bank. The Data bank first released for the PlayStation 4 early in its release, was only recently released for Xbox One. The data bank features the ability to house a 3.5 Hard drive with some in the reviews saying that the data bank fit perfectly with a 4 terabyte hard drive as is consider to be a  “Cheap upgrade” for the consoles. Each bank will go for around $ 40.00.

Lastly we are going to talk about an Xbox exclusive accessory The Xbox One Elite Controller. We have talked a lot about this controller and how it is worth every penny of its price. Now the Elite controller has been out of stock on and off for a long time since its release last year. The controller is a hundred percent customizable to fit your gaming need on the fly. The controller also has a hard drive built into the device so it can switch between two profiles saved on the controller.

All of these accessories and more are available on the Amazon gaming pages for both the Xbox and PlayStation for special prices and discount available only with some Amazon products.