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Today news we are going to talk about updates to some of our most played games online now. Halo and Tom Clancy The Division will be getting there respective content uodates in the coming days and weeks. Today however we get more detail into both the ghost of Meridian Update and The Divisions first content update since release as well as the release of the dev kit app for Xbox one announced yesterday as part of Microsoft’s Windows anniversary event, and a couple of other things going on in the world of gaming for all platforms.

Lets start things off with Tom Clancy’s The Division. The Division received an update a few weeks ago but only had a few in game fixes to a couple of bugs in game. However this content update is called “Incursion”. Incursion will have new gear and new gear and weapon that are more powerful than the highest level piece of gear already in game. The new levels are called “Sentry’s Call, Striker’s Battle Gear, Path of the Nomad, and Technician’s Authority”. These four new add on are specialized for player who want to play in there own way. If team of players like to go in guns blazing than the gear that is best for you, however if your a little more defensive in play than you’ll be able to choose heavier body armor with longer ranged weapons. Another major set of upgrades to the is now enemies can employ aerial support in the form of drones and turrets.

Today we got a new look at Halo newest map coming in the Ghost of Meridian. The new map called “Skirmish at Darkstar”, is the next Warzone map. This map will take players to run down village with a massive space ship being either repaired or deconstructed. The map is massive there are large open areas for vehicles and nice tight close in spaces that are great for shotguns, Sub machine guns and fast firing weapons. The new map that had details released show that the new sub variants of both the Mantis, and the Scorpion Tank called the Hannibal will also be available in Warzone gameplay. For more information checkout the full detailed article on Gamespot because they broke the story first.

Also we have some disappointing new for any PC players hoping to get their hands on PC version of Halo 5. Yesterday Xbox boss Phil Spencer said a PC version of the game is “Very Unlikely”

Also as a little side note yesterday also was day one of Microsoft “Build 2016” event that announced a lot of new feature coming to Windows and Xbox this year. One is the new Dev kit app. This apps whole purpose is to develop thing from universal windows apps to indie games. The dev kit app was released today fully functional. This app however is only a small portion of the new features coming later this year with the rest of the Anniversary update feature for gaming to be announced at E3 and its late summer release.

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