Future of gaming

So the current generation of Consoles the Xbox One and the PlayStation 4 may only be two years into their life cycle but that does not seem to matter to Xbox or Sony’s PlayStation division. Why you may be asking or wondering?, simple unconfirmed but not yet denied rumors are the Net, as well as some leak say that the next generation is under current development. So today while we may not have any official confirmation on the next generation products we can say however something have already been discussed as what maybe on versus what we want the to have carry onto the next generation.

First up is the addition of 4K replacing both the 720p and the 1080p on both the Xbox one and PlayStation 4. 4K will have better look over what current consoles offer even though some of the new Xbox ones and PlayStation 4 come with a 4K mode it is important to remember they were originally designed to be 1080p with 60 FPS. These new consoles if they are in development will come with 4K already built in but may have the ability to play on the normal definition modes as well.

Another major feature will be that the new consoles will be able to be used the new virtual reality goggles that both Microsoft and Sony are investing heavily in. This new tech promises to bring the gaming world into the physical world. Microsoft version of VR goggles Holo lends has already been used part of the Halo 5 Guardians live experience that was available at this past E3. However recently Sony released a trailer shows the first wave of playable VR games that are releasing with as a sort of launch titles.

Backwards compatibility will be a must for Microsoft. Backwards compatibility is something that is current available with the console version of Windows 10 available on the Xbox One now. Sony is working of this concept as well but is still lagging far behind Microsoft, as Microsoft and Xbox development team proper to release the second wave of Xbox 360 titles becoming playable on the Xbox One. Also Phil Spence keeps hinting that the Software development team on bring original Xbox games to the X-One and this may also be cared over to its replacement. Sony has already announced it would be bring PlayStation 2 games to the PlayStation 4 but no word to whether original PlayStation or PlayStation 3 to the current and if it will be carried over to the next generation.

As for what the consoles will be called it obvious that PlayStation 5 following the tradition of numbering consoles in order. were as it is anyone guess to Xbox will name it’s next generation console. The rumor says that the new generation of consoles will be called the ” PlayStation 5 and the Xbox 2″ since they are just rumor and nothing is officially known. These rumors have all been based on “leaked” information so everything like the names and other features mentions are what we know the major gaming company have said they will be bring into the next generation.

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