Final Fantasy – How to Defeat Gilgamesh

Chichu/Lightning/Goblin Chieftain
Serah – Durable Hypocrown (for feral links. very important)
Noel – Strength + 40% accessories
3 elixirs and 3 unicorn horns wont hurt.

Sab Sab Sen
Rav Rav Rav
Com Com Com
Sen Sen Sen
Med Med Sen

1. Use rav x3 to stagger. Switch to med/med/sen to heal when neccessary.

2. As soon as he is staggered switch to sab/sab/sen. Press square to cast goblins feral link asap. Then manually cast deprotect/deshell/imperil then press triangle to cast. These will stick 100% of the time on the first try vs a staggered Gilgamesh.

3. As soon as those three debuffs stick switch to rav rav rav and use lightnings feral if its available. Get the gauge to 800-900%

4. Switch to com x3 for damage. Use chichus feral asap for an easy 99K damage.

5. When he gets out of his stagger should be healing time with the healing deck. Then just repeat.

Some other tips. When Gilgamesh stands still and does his retribution/revenge, whatever its called thing, use rav x3 as he just stands there for a while doing nothing. As soon as you see him move to start his attack switch to sen x3.

Rebuff with goblins feral link asap when it runs out. With hypnocrowns your ferals should be up fast. Always use chichus feral in com x 3 and lightnings as soon hes staggered and you switch to rav x3.Elixirs and unicorn horns will help when he goes nuts late fight.

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