Far Cry Primal Announcement Trailer

The future of The Far Cry series seems to be going back in time with the newly announced Far Cry primal. Imagine a time were humanity struggled for survival, a time when when guns did not exist and all the weapons you have had to be hand made and replaced after every use. This announcement trailer may only be a minute and a few seconds long but even though it is does show just how insane and on the edge of your seat this game will have.

First thing up is the weapons that will take all players to a place never before experienced. For starters the trailer shows how a group of hunters who are making spear and arrow heads from rock a round what seems to be an extinguished camp fire. Anyone who has taken any sort of history class can tell this is near one of the Ice ages where humans were better known to be nomadic in nature and follow the migration patters of food sources that needed brutal weapons with sharp edges to cut through the thick skin and fur of animals like the Wooly Mammoth and even the saber tooth tigers.

The environment in Far Cry Primal looks every similar to what was seen in Far Cry 4. Ubisoft seems to be pulling out all the stops to make Far Cry Primal something entirely new while keeping that classic hunter being hunted feel that the game is known for. From the trailer it also shows how the wilderness will be the most important too to you when in game because when you are hunting or peppering an ambush against other hunters. This also works in the reveres because you will also be hunted from animals and even other hunters you will run into in the new open world. The time of day will also play a major role in how you will be able to navigate the world, but also for protection and from the threats that will be hunting you.

Far Cry primal promises to be something that no one has ever experienced in a game of the series like this before. Primal will be not just the next chapter of the Far Cry series but also add the possibility to explore other times in history or even what time of creatures will be add to the series. Maybe one day the dev team of the Far Cry series may even take us back to the times of Dinosaurs or maybe even a future with creatures that we do not know exist.

As for the story it is still not clear what will happen. However maybe the story will be a group of primitive humans trying to make it back their tribes or a story on the struggles for survival. Primal may still be a big mystery but it will be release in February of next year.

For those intrested in the Far Cry series pre order from Amazon for Xbox One, PlayStation and PC.