Fallout 4 S.P.E.C.I.A.L. Luck Preview

So in combination to the various special abilities you will need to upgrade if you hope to live through the waste land that is the open world out side the vault in Fallout. However now you will need a lot of Luck. As we all know luck is one of those things you are born with or make on your own. In Fallout 4’s you will have a chance to make your own luck and have tons of it as the trailer demonstrates.However their is also a catch to luck as the trailer goes further into detail.

The luck trailer and ability like the other abilities are upgraded able but do not expect to just survive on luck alone. As the you can see for yourself. Luck will only really help when looking for rare items or little things that you will need now or later to make a new weapon or some sort of armor that may help later on.

Luck like all of the other abilities has to be balanced out with all the other abilities that will work best with you physical abilities like strength and endurance. The down side if neglect upgrading luck than this will lead to you getting lower quality equipment and scrap that can be picked up at anytime in the massive open world. Luck will help when your trying to get kills on bigger badder mutants because in some cases and here is where luck will shine but like the trailer says pick and choose your fights because luck wont mean much when you are being over run at that point luck wont save you, so always plan out escape routs or successive positions to fire at the targets from and keep this strategy.

The Luck ability is not magic it so like in previous posts we here at gamingcops strongly suggests regardless of what play style that you favor you should upgrade every ability equally. Also who would want to play a game that kills you every ten to fifteen seconds because of the enemies a just a small percentage more powerful than you in a certain area. This is no different to something like luck, because even though it is not as useful for a lot of the other main abilities that will help by exploring and adventuring in the large open world of the game. Fallout 4 will be a tough fight for survival and proof of this is the fact that you will need luck to live.

Fallout 4 will release for Xbox One PlayStation 4 and PC in November 10. Due to Fallout 4 massive open world you may need to do some cleaning up of your consoles memory depending on which you may have the game is said to need some were around 28 GB so with the heavier games such as Halo 5, Call of Duty and Battlefront you may need to do some picking and choosing. If you are interested pre order fallout 4 onĀ Amazon