Fallout 4 Intelligence trailer

Part 5 of Fallout 4 ability guide was made available earlier this week. The trailer this time is dealing with how smart you are, and have top become in order to be successful. Lets also face the truth for a second the vast majority of survival shoot pits gamers against pretty stupid waves of zombies or whatever post end of the world enemies you will be fighting against. However what is setting Fallout 4 a breed apart is the fact that you need to adapt to the environment in order to become strong enough to survive ans thrive. Also keep intelligence high will allow greater hacking into computer systems and upgrading and creating weapons a lot easier than going through the game trying to blast your way though everything with weapons in their base forms rather than creating something really advanced that fit your play style.

The developers have really taken into account how different people and the different ways that they may want to play. For people who like to play on a more strategic game play intelligence is most definitely for you. The first reason is in someways you will be able to create more advanced and powerful weapons with the simple weapons you come across early in the game things like basic hand guns melee weapons and some simple explosives. Also as you will notice in the trailer you at a some point will come into contact with computer security systems and robots that will probably be difficult to fight and break through, the main point of the trailer is if your in game self is not smart enough to look at other ways to go around a problem. Even though this is for those gamers who take their time to think and look at all the options, those who like to blast there way through should also invest some points for this ability as well.

Intelligence is one of the those will be one of the base ability that everyone will start out with however the level will differ from person to person based on individual play styles. Their will also be different sub level of upgrades that will make the ability more power with each time it is upgraded. As a recommendation with every outer ability upgrade like increasing endurance or increasing strength intelligence should be upgraded as well to complement the new level of the other outer upgraded abilities. The one reason is because when you advance far enough in the game while not balancing out your upgraded abilities it will make the experience a bit more frustrating due to the fact you cannot advance until you have met a certain level of ability you will be held back no matter how much strong one of the other ability are. Also have intelligence balanced out will allow you to save on resources allowing you to get more out of the little you have. So in the long run balance is and will be key to your survival.

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