EndWar Beta Update

EndWar Online fans rejoice for we are now step closer to the full game and release of the last few remaining generals that the Ubisoft development team promised to release as the final production of the game’s beta was getting set to be released. Today update titled is the major update those who had not received access to the closed beta or alpha via keys have been waiting for. The open Beta that anyone can now join has ton of improvements following the last major update before, such as access to more reliable servers, french gamers now have full access the adding of a forth tank commander with a new powerful weapon that is a major game changer especially in the single player story as the enemies increase with each new encounter.

First up about the new update is how it will now give full access and support to all who want to play whether they are totally new to the series, coming over from the console game or a part if the Alpha and Beta since day one almost two years ago. The game is different from when it was first announced and the open Alpha. The first change is now there are three faction The Americans, Russian, and European, the newest the American Military and the possibility of a forth faction to be revealed later on. The factions are for the most part equal no one being better than the other. The headquarters and base of operation for your new army will be one of the capitals of the major counties in game, you can micro manage everything as you see fit, and upgrade buildings.

The second big thing coming to endwar online are the new commanders the first of these new commanders is a Tank commander. The new tank commander is of the level five rank tier. This new tank squad feature for the first time in the series stealth tanks that can go into active camo and sneak behind the enemies lines during the heat of a battle. One of the tanks special ability can be upgraded so the tank does not loose its camo at it speed past the enemies either defending the base or attack your base. This new tank commander is the just the first in what is to come to the new upgraded version of the game. However as the story continues and more missions will be released in later versions including the full game later on we will see more tank units as well as more advanced units for the other vehicle types found in game. The Tank commander can only be unlocked when you make a purchase of $100 of a 1000 gold pack, hopefully ubisoft will allow the games also to unlock this unit the old fashion free way instead of shelling out 100 bucks.

This is just Ubisoft end of the year release for the game. It is clear to see that the Beta is almost complete and the finsihed version of the game will release in the coming months of the new year if not at the end of this year.

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