End of the Xbox 360

It has been a long time coming but at one point or another all things must end. For almost ten years especially during the last generation the Xbox 360 was one of best selling consoles on the market. On Friday Microsoft announced that it would not be producing anymore Xbox 360. The news releasing both in statement from official and unofficial sources. But threat not Xbox 360 users Microsoft also announced it would not be flipping the switch just yet, and making a few more promises as well. We spoke about this in our last post as a small portion of Xbox news and today we are going to expand on it.

Lets talk Xbox 360. The Xbox 360 released November 22nd 2006 and was met with mixed reviews in for the first white version of the console. For a time the Xbox 360 was the second best console in the world thanks to the super popularity of the Nintendo Wii console. The special thing about the Xbox 360 was its cheap launching price as well a strong line up of games that also included Halo 3 and the first Crackdown, and lastly the now famous Call of Duty 4 Modern Warfare and the legendary Gears of War. These were just a few titles as well as the sequels that not only broke but smashed most previous records. The news about the Xbox 36 ending will send shock waves through the Xbox community for many reasons. The Xbox 360 outsold all other competitors as well as the PlayStation 3 and the and Held this dominance until the end of the last generation and the start of the current generation.

The end of the physical console does not mean it is the end of the Xbox 360. Microsoft has promised to continue the legacy of the Xbox 360 with the Xbox One. Microsoft will continue to bring every Xbox 360 game to the Xbox One via the digital Xbox 360 that exists with backwards compatible feature the Xbox one has thanks to new experience. Also aside from this Xbox One owners will be able to buy Xbox 360 games, add ons, downloadable expansion, apps, and gear for avatars. The full library of games for the Xbox 360 will be fully available sometime in the near future. The Xbox team will continue to provide support for Xbox live for Xbox 360 games. The future of this is hard to know since backwards compatibility now only grows library it also acts as a life extension of the Xbox 360.

As of right now Xbox 360 is still alive. Microsoft will not be making any more from this moment on. The Xbox Live support is also up in limbo since backwards compatibility plays a role in the Xbox future debate. Also Microsoft is selling off all the Xbox 360 in stock. Stock of all Xbox 360 should be fully depleted by late winter of this year into next at the latest. All games will be available on the Xbox One thanks to backwards compatibility and the games will fully be intergrated on Xbox One before the start of the next generation.

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