Disney Infinity 3.0 PlayStation 4 Trailer

So Disney has gotten really deep into the gaming world first with giving EA the ability to create the current Battle Front that has been hit with a lot of mixed review for a ton of reasons. However Disney new gaming studio famous for its Infinity game that brings all the Disney characters to interact with each other in a massive open world sand box. Now the new Star Wars addition promises to add more characters to the game and more fun with more abilities. Star Wars the Force Awakens expansion features a lot of the environments straight from the film and some places in.

First up the characters that are now available to be played are also the ones from the movie. The characters are BB-8, Finn, Rey, Han Solo, and the rest of the original characters are in. In the trailer for the new game you will have total access to the First Order Star Destroyer also from the movie, you will have access to the new desert planet from the trailer were the new heroes meet. The trailer shows off that the new members to the series will be able to uses blaster rifles, staffs, light sabers in the different combat situations. Also you will be able to use the force but in a similar fashions with the Clone Wars expansion and the original trilogy expansion. The figure for the game are available now for pre order with more coming after the movies release in the middle of December.

The Vehicles available will also have a major upgrade and act as scaled down versions of their larger movie counter parts. The new models of the Xwing heavy star fighter and its imperial rival the Tie Fighter. Both fighters are able to fight in space and planet side. There are also an extensive amount of ground vehicles a lot upgraded oldies but some new things like the new land speeder featured in some of the newest trailer released in the past few weeks. The new vehicles still have the classic feel from the first installments when the Star Wars expansions. The new land speeders look just like its film counter part and is a lot faster when compared to the older speeders from the game. The action packed moments in some of the games missions will really be helpful for navigating the massive open world, there will also be some dangers of exploring the environment but we will know more about that when the game releases.

The three major locations of the game are the Desert planet with the destroyed generation two Imperial Star Destroyer from the first films, the First Order Star Destroyer that Finn escapes from, and the Yavin Forrest style planet that is the home base of the new rebel military faction the Resistance. The first up is the new First Order Class Star Destroyer. The capital ship of the new Imperial first order will be full explorable but no word if the ship will the environment of the ship will be fully functional. The Yavin will also be explorable but no word on how large of a scale. Finally the desert planet will be fully explroable everything from the desert to the massive Imperial Star Destroyer model two’s and other wreckage.

Star Wars Disney 3.0 will release later in the future for all gaming devices and pre order from Amazon