Destiny – Collector's Editions

Two days ago Bungie announced that the game will be shipping with three Edition that will take players into the deeper story of the game. Each edition will ship with its own unique set of physical items but stay the same when it comes to digital items that are exclusive to the Collector’s Editions of the game. The editions will expand on the Destiny experience and will add an extra layer to what is one of the most anticipated games that will be released this year.


The Digital Edition:

The digital edition of the game is the first of the three that were announced. The digital editions will include ( Digital Download of Destiny, Early Access to the Vanguard Armory and Player Emblem pre-order bonus, Exclusive In-Game: Ghost Casing, Player Ship and Player Emblem). The Digital edition will also have early accuses to the two expansion packs of the game. This edition of the game will ship with a price tag of $90 in the US.


The Limited Edition:

The Limited edition will ship with the same DLC as the digital. However the Limited comes with a steal book For the Game disc, a leather book call the “GUARDIAN FOLIO” and several post cards of the golden age of  humanity, a Antique Star Chart from before the game, and lastly The Arms and Armament book that will contain a full guide of the games weapons as well as some little riddles and other Easter eggs left by the Development team. The limited edition of the game will cost $100 US.



The Ghost Edition:

The last of the three editions “The Ghost Edition” will ship with all of the content listed in the other two editions of the game. However the Ghost will have photos of called the Golden age Relics that are three picture of the guardian moon, an Astronaut on mars and two patches. The biggest part of the Ghost Edition of the game is the Ghost droid replica in the exclusive red skin, the Ghost replica will also have audio from in game.The Ghost will ship for $150 US.