DC Universe Online for Xbox One

Well in celebration of a five year anniversary of the popular console and PC mmo The developers of DC Universe Online announced that the once previously known PC and PlayStation 3 & 4 console exclusive will be making it way to Xbox spring of this year. The announcement was made via the developers official twitter stated word for word that “It’s official! We’re coming to #XboxOne this Spring! @Xbox #DCUO5Years — DC Universe Online (@DCUO) January 11, 2016”. For good reasons that is a lot to take in, because for starters the development studio used to be called Sony Online Entertainment but is now called Daybreak Studio’s.

For the Xbox gamers who don’t know about DC online it is a free to play online mmo that allows players to explore the streets of the DC comic universe cities of Metropolis and Gotham to be mentored by either Batman, Superman or even one of the other superheros or villains that are in game. You he player can build your own character and based on your actions you can either save people and fight crime or if you choose you can to steal murder attack innocents everything will be possible. Another thing players should know is that you can fight the good fight or be villain players will also be able to fight along side their heros and take on some of their personality example is like Batman those under him than they will be bruiting and dark heros, were player who are under joker will be dark insane criminals that kill for a joke or two. The game will also have a leveling system that is straight forward, and the game will have a brief story to it as well that will be explained through out the course of the game.

The story will start out with an all out war between the Justice League and Lex Luthor criminal army in what seems to be a bombed out Metropolis. The intro than has the ending with Lex stabbing Superman with kryptonite killing him. As it winds down and Lex is victorious brainiac just so happened to invade earth. A year later a barely surviving batman and a Lex Luthor plan to travel back in time to save the earth however Lex betray batman and levels him for dead at the crumbling Fortress of Solitude. Here is were your part to become heros or villains come into play because in the world were the invasion and the war has not happened and it is up to you the player to try and prevent both the invasion and the war by siding with one of the opposing factions.

DC Universe Online from former Sony Online Entertainment now Daybreak Studios will be releasing DC Universe Online via Xbox One Store for free. However the cross play for PC will not be available in the first version of the game to release in the spring as well as the Extra contact.

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