Day 3: Accessories for Handhelds / mobile devices

For the past two days we have look at the best gaming accessories that wont break the Bank. We started with the two oldest gaming platforms consoles and PC. The newest platforms for gaming now are the Handhelds like the PSP vita, Nintendo 3Ds, and of course mobiles devices like the Iphone, Androids, and soon Windows smart phones due to Microsoft increasingly open to the large pool of Developers for app for the Windows phones. Today we will be looking at ways of making mobile handheld gaming easier and better, not to mention we will also be looking at anything that can add to other platforms via extensions.

First thing we are looking at is for mobile phone gaming one metal device is connect to your phone as an add on controller. The first device we are looking at is the Aleratec Universal Phone Game Controller Vise Mount, this mount is fits all phones like the Iphone 6, 6’s, 5’s, and Androids.  The controller is more for getting a better hold on the device rather than actual doing stuff and playing with it as add on buttons. The universal controller is one of the best reviewed and very well made. The second best controller is another controller mold but for the PSP vita. The Nyko Power Grip for PS Vita is the controller mold. Nyko sometime has hit or miss products to be far but this controller add on for the Vita gives that extra level support for on the move gamers or one that want better stability.

Now the Nintedo handheld series of 3ds and XL also have accessory kits but they are not really what you may be thinking about in terms of accessories. The kits like the ButterFox 12-in-1 Accessory Travel Pack, is just one example. This kit is fulled with a mobile charger that fits into a cars lighter, also it has a pair of in ear earbuds the exact brand of earbuds is not known but it could be made by the company of an outside bender like Skull candy is one example.  The kit comes in multiple sizes and colors so that is also an added intensive. Also staying with Nintendo we also have the HDE Nintendo 3DS XL/LL Case, this case is hands down one of the best due to its sturdy construction will grant it an unparalleled level of shock resistance. athe case also proved an added layer of protection for the screen both the top and and the controller touch screen on the  bottom as well. The case is one of the best reviewed as well as one of the best made for survival of the product.

Today is the third and last day for taking a look at the best products to help better your gaming across all gaming platforms such as consoles, PC and Handheld devices. This will not be the last time we look at accessories and we will be bring you more gear that becomes available over the course of the year as well as the next.