Dangers of Kickstarter

For many including start up and indie game developers, Kickstarter’s is a god sent because it allows them to prompt their projects and gain interest from the gaming community at a crucial time of a games development. Also based on how popular one of these Kickstarter they may even be given help from one of the many major developers and even having their games to console markets. However Kickstarter can also be used by people looking to make a quick buck. One such example of this is from a game that was raised over 30,000 dollars plus and the completely vanished almost over night with no warning or even a notice from the developers.

The game was called “Mansion Lord” and it first appeared on kickstarter and even went as far as having an official website that those who were interested would be able to see what the developers had in store. All seem to be going well until the developers reach there goal in late 2013 and the “lead developer” opens a Paypal were those interested would be able to donate more if they so wished. However pretty soon the project starts to become suspicious due to the fact that after the summer the developers stopped updating the kickstarter page and the site was left to expire.

So what happened you may ask ? well simple people, fellow gamers got played some of the things that people who are on kickstarters or those who are thinking of joining always remember to do your research on everything that the developers are trying to sell. Some of the things that should have happened was regular contact with the developers however even if some tried it was not easy due to the fact that the developers did not have there contact information openly available and for some this warning sign was not headed. Also the only real thing that the developers had was a brief demo of some gameplay that has no narration explain what the point of this is and why you should invest in this game. Finally the final mistake is a were the developers were “headquartered” just in the town in Austin, Texas the majority of other and what considered honest pages have more detailed addresses, even going as far to have the creators in videos really using their creations.

This is just the latest story of people who got scammed out of their hard earned money. Not just for gamers but also for people who fund clothing, sporting gear, and other things. Kickstarter is a good website for finding and creating new things that can help other people, bring imagination of a dream into reality. To also be far kickstarter is not at fault because they only provide away to get new products out into the public view so we the can deiced to make these products into reality.

If we come together and ask questions like a specific addresses, weekly updates on the product, even maybe a developer giving a voiced video demonstration of the project. We are the one who can prevent this from happening not just to the gaming community but also to the other people wanting to make their dreams a reality.

The credit for breaking the original into main stream news was Kotaku

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