Cheaper Black ops 3 for PC

Great news today both Activation and Treyarch announced to release of a cheaper PC exclusive version of Call of Duty Black ops 3. Why is Activation making a cheaper Call of Duty ?, well because this version for steam and PC does one thing and one thing only and that is multiplayer. For some reason the development staff believe that this will boost PC and steam sales for Black ops 3. However there is a catch the offer activation is making is, this offer of only multiplayer for those interested as a limited time thing for Steam and PC digital stores for anyone interested.

First thing you’ll notice about this version of the game is one hundred percent absolutely all about the multiplayer. For the thousands of PC streams this is a gift from above because the full multiplayer experience including but not limited to season pass content (including the latest released maps and map that will release later on in the year before the next call of duties release.), also you’ll have full access to all major and minor updates that will also release such as new weapons made available as the life of the game progresses. Black ops 3 will be under the title of “multiplayer starter pack”, the starter pack has extra points for player and will add most if not all of the already released weapons for free or even a reduced price but be warned this is also a limited time offer being made by Activation. The other portion of the game such as dead ops and the main story are also being split up into these packs available for the reduced price of the full game. The prices will be all announced later on via the steam main store on the steam app or main website as well as the PC version will likely release with on the Black ops main site for those hat do not use steam as a primary gaming source.

Now for the full list of things not coming to the pack and will be sold as other packs. the total list of features and modes are (Zombies game mode, Campaign game mode, Ability to play in Multiplayer custom games, Ability to Prestige (your level will be capped at 55 in the Starter Pack), Access to mod tools or modded content (once released),Access to unranked server browser (once released), Ability to Fresh Start your profile, The ability to access Dead Ops Arcade II and Nightmares mode.) these packs that will release along side the multiplayer mode only pack. In total these pack will likely equal or surpass the original price of the main game. As of right now there are three bundles available excluding the collectors edition and the PlayStation 4 console bundle. This will add more means of purchase for the game that be cheaper if a person only buys the main version of the game that includes everything and not just “packs” of the game.

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