Camo Xbox one controller and Headset

Today Microsoft announced that it would be releasing a camouflage themed controller and stereo headset for the Xbox one. The new controller and headset are being called the Armed Forces for there colors and to pay tribute to the Armed Forces.

Both the controller and he head set look like they would be an interesting edition to the Xbox one package. The controller and headset camouflage colors will be similar to that of the Xbox 360 camouflaged controller released but these will be made up of only of three shades of woodland green. Beside this Microsoft hasn’t announced any plans to made a camouflage patter for other environments but this may come sometime in 2015.

The new Xbox one accessories will be available for purchase this October, but no official date was announced. The controller will sell for $65 USD like the Titan Fall limited edition. The camo headset that also includes the stereo headset adapter will be sold for $90USD.

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