Call of Duty Infinite Warfare analysis

Recently we at gamingcop took a look at the trailer for Battlefield 1 and today we will look at Call of Duty Infinite Warfare. Now Infinite Warfare is now one of the most disliked video game trailer in the history of gaming. Today we are going to take apart every single piece of the trailer and see why Infinity Ward went with new IP in stead of finishing the story of Call of Duty Ghosts. Apart from the trailer as well as how old the graphics look versus how old them must be and what the Infinite Warfare trailer was captured on.

So on to the big question why Infinite Warfare was announced instead a more contemporary setting that most likely would have made its way into a Call of Duty Ghost 2. The most likely reason that Infinity Ward went with a even more futuristic setting than Ghost and even Call of Duty Black ops 2. The reason for Infinite Warfare creation was in response to the hype around the first Titanfall. In all honesty the reaction and futurist first person shooter of EA’s Titanfall was off the charts for the time begin. It is around this time that Infinity Ward was in the early stages of development for Infinite Warfare. Another factor that played in the development of Infinite Warfare was the heavy criticism that came after the release Ghost. By the time of Advanced Warfare and Black ops 3 made it into the headlines as the next in the series it was already too late for Infinity Ward to back because they have spent a ridiculous amount of time money and resources in all honesty is a little late to the party to compete with the First Titanfall.

Another negative is how the graphics look in the trailer and gameplay mechanics. Infinite Warfare gameplay graphics when compared to the Battlefield 1 trailer looks to be dated? Call of Duty Ghost last generation dated. But we have to remember that the Trailer for Call of Duty are usually Call of Duty games are ran on the console they are being sponsored on. The trailer was look thrown together fast and sloppy probably due to the response of the “accidental” release of pre order on the PlayStation store. Original the game was supposed to be officially announced during this years E3 Sony press briefing.

For many the only redeeming thing about the Call of Duty Infinite Warfare announcements was the official announcement of the re mastered Call of Duty 4 Modern Warfare. Infinite Warfare also has its fair share of supporters. While many players and fans of call of duty do not like Infinite Warfare there is a group of fans that will likely be waiting for Infinite Warfare release. Infinite Warfare will be a title that will break the Call of Duty future mind set and we may even see a return to more contemporary warfare and maybe even a new series based on Modern Warfare, Ghost 2 or maybe even other ways between Korea and the first world war.

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